About Mark Manski, LLC

Mark Manski LLC was formed in 2013 by its founder and principal to provide a broad range of financial restructuring advisory services to the financial services industry and to companies in distress, capital growth or entrepreneurial situations. Our primary focus is to work within a company's leadership structure, either as a member of its board or as its executive to both analyze and assess the firm¹s business plan and thereafter develop and implement strategic solutions designed to maximize shareholder value.   Financial restructuring is not business as usual and the issues confronting a restructuring are highly complex and distinct, crossing a multiple of disciplines. A number of skill sets-crisis management, strategic vision, leadership, credit risk, legal, asset management, acting as fiduciary, and the ability to reach common ground in matters of divergent interests-are some of the competencies necessary to reach preferred outcomes. 

Relying upon the broad and extensive background of Mark Manski, a successful and highly respected insolvency and restructuring professional, Mark Manski LLC delivers to its clients a wide array of services utilizing the skill sets noted above. For over thirty years, Mr. Manski has been involved in the restructuring sector in a number of capacities. He led the workout units at both Barclays Capital and IBJ Schroder Bank & Trust Company, and was responsible for overseeing distressed asset loan portfolios worth billions of dollars. Additionally, he served as a chief credit officer at both institutions. Mr. Manski has either led or been a key member of the senior executive management team of a number of companies in distress. He is well versed in the responsibilities of a fiduciary, having sat on several boards of directors/LLC Advisory Committees for more than twenty years, including such well known companies as Emerson Radio Corporation, Archstone, Tower Records and the Grand Union Company amongst others and has been a member of a number of official committees of unsecured creditors.

Having been a member of the Massachusetts bar since 1975, having managed billions of dollars of actual or threatened litigation matters and most recently, having served for three years as a shareholder in the Business Reorganization & Financial Restructuring Practice at Greenberg Traurig, Mr. Manski¹s legal experience is a strong complement to his financial, credit, managerial and leadership skills.

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